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The book collects the freely accessible lectures that I have been publishing on this website since 2010. Visitors to the website have been constantly increasing and, while I have received positive feedback from many of them, some have suggested that the lectures would be easier to study if they were collected and printed as a traditional paper textbook. I followed their suggestion and started to work on a printed book. The painful editing work needed to convert the web pages to book chapters took a significant portion of my spare time for almost one year. I hope the result is vaguely satisfactory, but I am sure that not all mistakes have been eliminated. For this, I humbly ask the forgiveness of my readers.

Book contents

In the book you will find more or less everything you can find in the website. However, there might be small differences. This is due to the fact that I keep updating the website and adding new material to it. I will anyway try to regularly update also the printed book (ideally once a year), so that it reflects the new changes.

Also be aware that the contents of the book reflect the fact that certain sections of the website still need some work. So, for example, while most chapters in the book are complemented by solved exercises, some of them are not. Furthermore, some chapters need to be expanded. I will try to fill these gaps in future editions of the book. In the meanwhile, I am publishing it as it is, in the hope that some readers might find it useful anyway.

To get an idea of what is in the book, you can have a look at its Table of contents.

Details of the book

Title: Lectures on probability theory and mathematical statistics.

Edition: Second edition.

Author: Marco Taboga.

Publisher: Amazon CreateSpace.

Number of pages: 656.

Number of chapters: 79.

The book

Most learning materials found on this website are now available in a traditional textbook format.